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About us

We are a creative ArtistAtelier

Hello! I'm Dante, also known as Jaguar Mestizo. I graduated as a graphic designer from UNAM and specialized in editorial design at EDINBA. My adventure in design began when I embarked on creating children's books at the National Indigenous Institute. I was assigned to visit indigenous towns in Oaxaca and Chihuahua, and I tell you, that experience left a deep mark on my way of approaching creativity.

Imagine, my experiences with indigenous communities really shaped my style. Now, I love mixing modern aesthetics with organic elements, creating unique and memorable visual pieces. I am always looking for new trends in editorial design and illustration, contributing to projects that not only inspire, but connect with more and more friends around the world.

I'm not going to lie to you, balancing creativity and functionality with native cultures through editorial design and illustration has been a challenge, but it's exciting. I have overcome obstacles to effectively convey my ideas through my creations. My years at Edinba and UNAM collaborating with talented artists and editors have helped me with cover designs and illustrations that truly complement the narratives in impactful ways. It's quite a creative journey!